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Mildata Computer Management System

Mildata Computer Management System


- Links serial microprocessor controls in Milnor washer-extractors, tunnel washers, extractors, dryers, and materials handling systems.
- Each machine linked to the network can receive a virtually unlimited number of processing formulas.
- Each machine can also report back actual operating data as each process for each load occurs.


- Central programming
to save time and help ensure immediate use. Equipment in operation is not interrupted. Remote programming is especially useful in multi-plant situations.

- Data reporting
provides management with concise summary reports via screen or printer. Can include machine production, employee production, formula mix, formula cost, machine error, and even custom reports.

- Production monitoring
to keep you in touch with current conditions. This information can be accessed at remote locations, too. Milnor also offers a free, one-year support plan (on-line and by telephone) to Mildata system purchasers. Technical support includes troubleshooting and software upgrades via modem. Support can be purchased after one year.